(UNDP) Office in Yemen: hampering to acts of demining .

Protested  YEMAC's  employees in Monday morning (1 dec 2014) in Sanaa capital to demand their rights.
Protesters accused the National Committee to deal with the mine represented by the Minister Qasim Alaagam obstructing their work and stop their entitlements from April until now.

 protesters also  accused the United Nations Office in Yemen, by stalling them, becuse they have not launching their entitlements for more than four months.

In turn, the director of National Center for dealing with mine who was  with the protesters accused the United Nations Office in Yemen to derail his efforts and    his employees efforts in the field of mine clearance through stopping employees entitlements that Submitted by donors, without any  justifications .

 the YEMAC's director and his staff denounced  these practices,  stressing that if the demands  of employees  are ignored , the workers will go towards the United Nations Office and  The Council of Ministers to protest about these practices.
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