Six new ways to speed up video viewing on YouTube.

New ways to speed up viewing, certainly is very annoying when watching a video on YouTube and starts chipping and begin to wait every second. There is no doubt that all Internet users are using YouTube, where he was the biggest social network and months globally to share video, can not believe that someone is using the Internet has not been seen so far video on YouTube or never heard of YouTube!. Indeed, there are ways to make the best watch the video on YouTube and tips as well. So by this subject we will offer a range of new ways, which enables you to watch YouTube videos without cutting and acceleration seen on YouTube. Continued after the break .

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Steps below ways already contribute to making watch YouTube videos faster so I advise you to read it well and apply them, especially the way No. 6 because it contributes to the use of the Internet speed you have to make the video is downloaded continuously making chipping zero, so I advise you to follow up on this matter and the application of methods and tips accurately. You can also review the subject of stopping Dash Playback feature on YouTube to watch the fastest because it is very important.

1 - View YouTube videos in Google Chrome Browser.

If you're a Firefox users or Opera or any other browser, there is no problem, but then install the Google Chrome also on your computer, and to browse YouTube videos and watch them through it, because Google Chrome and YouTube continued to firm giant Google, so when there is an update to YouTube to make viewing faster, are applied on the Google Chrome browser first, either in the case of Firefox a great time needed to update the browser to fit with YouTube and this is what is not happening. So watch YouTube videos through Google's Chrome browser a lot better.

2 - Reduce the video quality to speed up viewing.

We have reference to this point previously through our Facebook page computer programs, and that YouTube has the making available of lower quality which is 144p, which is now less quality to watch video YouTube, and you're a Firefox also perhaps this quality will not show you, but if you browse the same video of Google Chrome, you will find the option to choose this quality.

3 - speed up YouTube through YouTube Feather activation.

YouTube has briefed its own program in experimental and unpublished status of all, YouTube Feather, which will reduce the size of the elements of the video page, so there is no comments on the page or add a comment or Like and Dislike. And share so that the page is simple and free of non-important elements giving you the ability to see better and faster, and you can join for this property through this page and press the "Feather" Beta and thus become common in the property, and if you want to turn it off again, whereupon the same step, but with pressure to Leave the "Feather" Beta.

4 - Video Acceleration through YouTube HTML5 Video Player.

One properties also afforded YouTube but did not activate it to everyone is HTML5 Player feature, and already many users have noticed it has already contributes to the acceleration Show YouTube, but I advise you to use and activated only if you use Google Chrome because it is are not fully compatible only with Google Chrome.
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You will notice after activated appearance Settings option and when pressed you to show video acceleration option through 1.5x Options or 2.0x, but noted that the increase in speed may cause a lack of understanding of what is happening in the video, but some find that wonderful this property, but for me it did not like it a lot, but some users actually noticed an increase in the speed of viewing so it will not harm you experience, and if you want to activate the feature  go to thispage, then click  Join, and at any time if you want to turn it off login to the same page and choosing Leave.

5 - remove temporary files from your browser.

This step is not only important for the browser, but also important for solving theproblem of creating the browser and make the browser faster, because watching the video is part of browser if you have to remove the temporary files to speed up browsing and thus the consequent acceleration Video YouTube. You can remove temporary files from your browser by watching the video below:

6 - Show YouTube accelerate through the use of YouTube DNS.

This method actually makes for watching YouTube video much faster and without cutting, which is through a dedicated DNS to speed up viewing of the use of YouTube, and now apply the steps below depending on your version of Windows:

Way for Windows 7 and 8:

login to the Control panel then Network and Internet, then Network and Sharing Center and then Change adapter settings, and then you press right click on the Local Area Connection and then choose Properties, then clicking doubleclick on the Internet Protocol version 4, and add numbers like the following image :

Way for Windows XP:

login to the Control Panel, then Network Connections and then clicking right click on the Local Area Connection and then choose Properties, then clicking doubleclick on the Internet Protocol, and then  add the numbers:
You can also use OpenDNS which also speeding up the views YouTube videos:


ways mention  above have  big difference in  make watching faster than before , but always you should video waiting to run for a minute and then start racing in viewing, so you waiting for download part of the video so that it is part load last and you see the part that was loaded, and thus avoid any cutting may occur during the viewing, at last I hope that the topic is useful and ways helped you in speeding up YouTube viewing .

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